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Another forum platform dedicated to discussions, news, and information about alternative cryptocurrencies, often referred to as “altcoins.” Created as alternative to but dedicated to altcoins and cryptocurrency bounty programs.

  1. Forum for Altcoin Enthusiasts: serves as a forum for enthusiasts, investors, developers, and stakeholders interested in alternative cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. The platform provides a space for users to discuss a wide range of altcoins, including their technology, use cases, adoption, and market trends.
  2. Community Engagement: AltcoinsTalks fosters a vibrant community of altcoin enthusiasts who come together to share knowledge, insights, and experiences related to various cryptocurrencies. Users can engage in discussions, ask questions, and exchange ideas with other members of the community.
  3. Altcoin Announcements: The platform features announcements and updates about new altcoin projects, token launches, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Users can stay informed about the latest developments in the altcoin space and discover new projects to explore and potentially invest in.
  4. Market Analysis and Trading: provides a platform for users to analyze altcoin markets, share trading strategies, and discuss market trends. Members can engage in technical analysis, chart discussions, and market predictions to inform their trading decisions and investment strategies.
  5. Educational Resources: AltcoinsTalks forum offers educational resources and guides to help users learn more about altcoins, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and related topics. Users can access tutorials, articles, and other informative content to deepen their understanding of the altcoin ecosystem.
  6. ICO Reviews and Scams Alerts: Forum includes reviews and discussions about ICOs, token sales, and cryptocurrency projects. Users can share insights, review whitepapers, and discuss the potential risks and rewards associated with different projects. also provides alerts and warnings about potential scams and fraudulent activities in the altcoin space.
  7. Community Rules and Moderation: is moderated to ensure a positive and constructive environment for users. Moderators enforce community rules and guidelines to maintain decorum, prevent spam, and address any inappropriate behavior or content.

After the ban on presenting and promoting mixing services on the Bitcointalk forum, became the primary place for mixer service announcements.

Overall, serves as a valuable platform for altcoin enthusiasts to engage in discussions, share insights, and stay informed about the latest developments in the alternative cryptocurrency space. Whether users are seeking market analysis, trading advice, or project reviews, provides a dynamic and interactive community for altcoin enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

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