eXch – a good choice as a NO-KYC exchange

download 2 is an instant no-kyc exchange where is possible to automatically convert cryptocurrencies into Bitcoin, Lightning, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. They are a privacy-oriented service aiming to protect their users from censorship and pressure of the AML/KYC-enforcing market.

NO-KYC swap
Automatic cryptocurrency exchange

Reputation and Reliability

For now, eXch is considered a fairly reliable service.

No registration is required for actual use, the site does not use JavaScript, and they have confirmed several times that they do not record or store any user data. This approach offers a high degree of privacy, which is recognized by the crypto community and definitely affects the growth of eXch exchangers and currently enjoys significant popularity with numerous positive feedback. 


First impressions are that has a fairly simple design and is easy to use. Everything is clearly indicated and the user does not have to have great technical knowledge to use this service. Simple dark mode design, without unnecessary functions, blog posts, etc

exch no-kyc exchange


Coins that can be swapped on eXch are: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, USDC (ERC-20), DAI (ERC-20), USDT (ERC-20) in both directions.

It is important to note that it is not possible to perform a swap between the same currencies, BTC -> BTC for example.

Here is an option where it is possible to add a refund address at the very beginning in creating order in case the swap process cannot be completed for any reason. is optional to create an order and can be provided later when needed.

Rates and fees

eXch offers Flat (1%) and Dynamic (0.5%) rate modes and that is all the fee that is need to be paid, there are no additional fees. Of course, the network fee, as with every transaction.

Dynamic rate mode – rates are updated according to cryptocurrency market data fluctuation and should be fixed once payment is received. Operations with dynamic rate will have exchange rate fixed after full input confirmation.
Fixed-rate mode – rates are fixed for 45 minutes after order creation and are subject to update every next 45 minutes if no incoming payment is present. Additional service fees apply to amounts above 1 BTC using the following scheme: >1 BTC – 0.5%, >2 BTC – 1%, >3 BTC – 1.5%, >4 BTC – 2%, >5 BTC – 2.5%. The additional fee is incremented to the standard service fee.

The current rate is a median value based on the latest trading data of the following markets: Bisq Price Indices
All exchange operations are performed automatically and completed within 1 minute (except network confirmation time).

There are no requirements regarding the amount to send. However, if a customer sends an amount that exceeds the minimum or maximum balance to convert, they will be eligible for a refund, which is performed automatically. Information about the minimum and maximum balance is shown to users prior to creating orders and during operations.


Also, the website clearly shows the current reserves for each currency.



Certainly one of the biggest positive things about eXch is the NO-KYC policy. The service guarantees that at no time will it ask for additional information from the user.

Privacy Policy

As it is written on their site, there is no metadata collected from customers. IP address logging is disabled on all of the following endpoints of the service: reverse proxies, caching servers, and backend servers (API). Exchange-related information, such as from/to/refund addresses of operations, is deleted from the service after 15 days unless users choose to remove exchange-related information themselves by pressing the ‘Delete data’ button available within completed exchange operations, which immediately makes all the exchange operation data unrecoverable and unavailable for further extraction or querying.
This website does not use cookies or any other tracking techniques.

eXch does not use third-party services like Cloudflare, DDoS-guard etc… They have their own DDoS ​​protection, so the possibility of a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is excluded here.


The biggest drawback of the eXch service is the small number of swap pairs. It would be good to have some more popular major coins in the option. Their opinion is that there is a lack of motivation to support a new network for just one stablecoin (USDT), (considering that USDC will leave Tron by February 2025) as well as centralized stablecoins in general.


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Pros & Cons

  • NO-KYC eXch does not require personal data or freezing funds at any time
  • No registration, no logs, no Javascript
  • Reliable fee rate
  • Short period of waiting to receive coins
  • User friendly Very transparent and simple to use
  • A small number of exchanging pairs, it would be good to see some more major coins on offer


A high level of privacy policy, privacy-oriented features and automatic exchange processes on eXch instant exchanger ensure a high degree of anonymity and efficiency, making it a valuable option for all users who are seeking a secure and user-friendly crypto exchange service.

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